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Snooker League, Arena Billiards, Loughborough

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What better way to put your newly-learned skills from KT Snooker Coaching into practice than in a local, friendly league, with a chance to win hundreds of pounds in prize money?

That's exactly what Keith thought too, which is why he's set up and organises the current snooker league at Arena Billiards in Loughborough.

The first season has been a roaring success, with ten players entering (and a few more who missed the boat, but will be joining next time), and plenty of exceptional snooker being played along the way. With just a few short weeks left, now is the time to head to Arena and get your name down for the next league! It's not just first place that wins cash, and you can walk away with a few quid in the pocket, even if you finish outside the top three (thanks to playoff rounds and a wildcard spot)!

So what are you waiting for? Get your name down, and see if you can win some spending money for the summer!

Several of Keith's students have joined the league, and are performing very well, which is testament to the quality of coaching from KT Snooker, and to the dedication of each individual. Give yourself the edge in the Arena league (or any other you may play in!) and book some lessons today.