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Memorial Snooker Tournament

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Sadly, in April 2018 Keith's father passed away.

It was Keith's dad that sparked the passion for snooker at an incredibly early age, and the loss was felt tremendously both throughout the family, and for Keith particularly.

In memory of Keith's father, Keith is arranging a snooker tournament at the Spot On Pool & Snooker Club in Burton-On-Trent.

The competition will take place over two days, costing £35 to enter. For this, you will be entered into the main draw, and should you be knocked out there is the plate and the shield - so three chances to win! There will be prize money for the top 3 players from each league, and a small portion will go to a nominated charity in honour of Keith's dad.

There will be 6 top-standard tables available for the day, and there will be minigames throughout, costing £1 for three goes. These challenges are seriously fun - and probably even more competetive than the competition itself!

The competition will take place on a weekend in early September, with more details and final dates to be announced shortly. There are 64 places available, and these are expected to be filled quickly!

If you would like to sign up for the competition, or to ask for more details, contact Keith to find out more!