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KT Snooker Challenge

As well as being the tactical game we know and love, snooker is also incredible fun, and to demonstrate that Keith has put together a trio of challenges for anyone to compete in, with a rolling leaderboard to see who will be crowned the KT Snooker Challenge Champion.

The Challenges

There are three challenges, each of which tests a variety of snooker skills - potting, position, forward thinking, and playing under pressure (trust me, you'll wind up dashing round the table in a sweat).

  • Smash 'n' Dash
  • Pick a Pocket
  • Rocket Race

Each challenge has two variants - one time-based, and one performance-based, each with their own challenges.

The Scoreboard


Rank Name Points
1 Keith Tomlinson 12
2 Luke Brown 7
3 Steven 5
4 Aaron 4
Smash 'n' Dash
Rank Name Time Balls Potted
1 Keith Tomlinson 59 sec 10
2 Luke Brown 60 sec 9
3 Aaron 60 sec 6
3 Steven 60 sec 6
Pick a Pocket
Rank Name Time Balls Potted
1 Keith Tomlinson 58 sec 12
2 Aaron 60 sec 11
2 Luke Brown 60 sec 11
3 Steven 60 sec 7
Rocket Race
Rank Name Time
1 Keith Tomlinson 1 min 16sec
2 Steven 1 min 34 sec
3 Luke Brown 1 min 39 sec
4 Aaron 1 min 52 sec


No one's had a go at the precision versions of the challenges yet, because we're all having so much fun racing round the table to try and top the table. Keep checking back for updated scores.