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Keith Tomlinson - WPBSA World Snooker Coach (level 2)

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Keith Tomlinson has been working hard to teach students the ways of the snooker world. Showing them the way to master the baize, to better the balls, and to take those skills into matches. But recently Keith has taken on the role of student again himself, looking to attain the next level of WPBSA accreditation - the coveted World Snooker Coach title - which is earned after successfully passing the level 2 coaching course.

After two days of rigorous assessment from the WPBSA team - including six time world champion Steve Davis - Keith has passed the level two assessment (he is currently awaiting the finalised grade, and is eager to post the results here). This means that Keith is now not only able to coach locally in Loughborough and Leicestershire, but worldwide as well. This is a sign of the faith and trust bestowed upon him (and anyone else fortunate enough) by the WPBSA for successfuly navigating the level two course.

Throughout the course, Keith demonstrated to the assessors an exceptionally high level of knowledge for - and love of - the game of snooker, as well as a considerable amount of skill, focus, and dedication to coaching others in the art of snooker. This was reflected in the hugely positive comments made by all those who took part in the various assessments and - not to show of too much - Keith even showed Steve Davis a handy trick for bridging (feel free to contact Keith for lessons if you'd also like to know the secret).

So, what does this mean for Keith's students - both existing and prospective? Well, first and foremost that new students can come from much farther afield for a coach looking to pass on his knowledge to county and semi-professional level players, as well as those just starting out. For existing students, well, look out for the purple shirt (and some gruelling new practice scenarios).

You'll still be able to find Keith teaching at Arena Billiards in Loughborough (and probably practicing if he's not got a lesson), so why not check out what you can learn, how much it'll cost, and get some lessons booked?