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You've probably heard the expression "practice makes perfect", which holds some merit, but the truth is that perfect practice makes perfect, and that's exactly what Keith Tomlinson - A WPBSA qualified, DBS registered World Snooker Coach based at the Spot On in Burton-on-Trent will help you to achieve.

With over three decades of competitive experience, Keith has spent thousands of hours practising his trade, and the trophies are proof that focus, dedication, and hard work pay dividends.

Keith has taken those years of experience, coupled with the WPBSA qualification, and put together a series of modules, to walk players through from the basics, right the way through to making the very highest of breaks.

Snooker Coaching Modules

Yellow Ball Module

  • The basics
  • Stance
  • Cueing
  • Cue action

Green Ball Module

  • Potting
  • Sighting
  • Angles

Brown Ball Module

  • Mid-sized break
  • Cue-ball control
  • Finesse

Blue Ball Module

  • Mid-sized break
  • Cue ball control over distance
  • Playing for a medium-sized area

Pink Ball Module

  • High break
  • Composure
  • Recovery shots
  • Forward thinking / planning

Black Ball Module

  • Table clearance
  • Total cue ball control
  • Thinking several shots ahead
  • Advanced break building

Black Ball Plus Modules

  • Additional modules focussing on intricate areas of the game
  • How to win matches
  • Taking the practice game to the match table
  • Psychology of the game
  • Tactical match snooker
  • Playing to your strengths, and your opponent's weaknesses
  • Professional-level safety play
  • Shot selection
  • much more...

A Bit About The Coacing

These modules start simple, and progressively build on skills attained from previous modules, with the aim of giving you an all-round tool set to take to the match table.

Between modules, Keith will teach various skills, offer guidance, and generally provide the skill set required to achieve the next module. He also has several smaller challenges to complete, which are a fun way of putting skills into practice.

Keith will guide and correct at every stage, helping you achieve the goals set out at the beginning of the programme. If there's something in particular you wish to focus on, Keith will happily tailor a tuition plan to suit your needs.

Coaching is tailored to the individual, and the snooker lessons will focus on the areas that you most need guidance in. There is no pressure to complete the above modules, so if you have an idea what you'd like to focus on, simply talk to Keith about devising a tailored tuition plan.

If you're up for the challenge, call Keith on 07849128574, or send an email to keith@ktsnooker.co.uk

It All Sounds A Bit Daunting

Snooker is a lot of things - it's incredibly good fun, social, tactical, difficult, and stressful, just to name a few! Sometimes the game gets a bad rep for being slow and dull, but this couldn't be further from the truth.

Absolutely, from time to time you'll find yourself stuck in the middle of a safety battle, but once you've learned that art, this is half the fun! It's almost like a game of chess, except not only do you have to outwit your opponent mentally, but you'll also need the finesse to carry out the shots that you select.

For the majority of the game, however, it's all about scoring heavily, great pots, and awesome position. The feeling of satisfaction from an exceptional pot really is indescribable.

That said, snooker has a silly side - and to reflect this, Keith has put together a series of challenges and a leaderboard for anyone to have a go. These challenges are fast-paced and perfectly capture the competitiveness of the sport itself. Have a read about the challenges here, or head over to see the leaderboard here.